Thursday, January 22, 2009


Yep I still IM my friends, how else could I keep in contact with one in Indiana, several throughout Ohio and Michigan, and a few in Missouri, and Georgia.. Makes me long for college days I didn't and won't have.. However I did find out that our local Christian college has night classes  for a BA in Social Work. I think it'll fit in quite nicely to my plan.

Yes I know this is short.. but it is late and I am tired..  I'm looking to revamp the entire feel of my blog because it's making me feel entirely too old.. So we'll see where the road takes me.. Right now I've got to look inward at why on earth India is coming up so much in my everyday life.. If it wasn't Compassion there's a select few number of things that it could mean.. Please pray that God explains things to me clearly, because I'm every bit as confused as ever..

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Put Me On Hold

Well my dreams anyway, looks like Compassion has 800 applications already, and they aren't accepting anyone with less than 30,000 visits per month. Well I know that's not me so it looks like I'm on hold, oh well, it would have been bad timing anyway on my part, but then again when would be the best time to leave your babies for a week to go help other children half way across the world.

Someday.. I'll make it someday, and who knows what that day/trip will bring.. I've heard it said a lot lately "God is writing my story" so I guess that just makes me an actress along for the ride.. Who knows where my adventure will take me next. Apparently it won't be India

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Did It

After much debate, and a pro/con list I decided that it might not be a fluke that Compassion is going -there- -now- or not now but then, just after my babies birthdays, I decided God works in mysterious ways, I'm not convinced I want to nurse Clara until she's 2 anyway.. and after talking to people that understand the weirdness of my decision they are all in agreement. Going on a Compassion trip would be a dream come true for me. So last night. I did it :) I filled out my application.. who knows if I'll get accepted.. but I'm praying about it.. and I can't stop thinking about it. I know if it's not meant to be then it won't happen. but I will apply again, and by next spring my life will be less complicated and maybe then my time will come. but please if y'all are reading this, stop and pray for the family, we could use it.

Thanks and God Bless

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Compassion Spring Trip

Okay so I'm on hiatus due to complications in my life that I should not be blogging for the world to read. however there is a group of people that are worthy of getting blogged about Compassion International is gathering people for their next trip Which ladies (and gentlemen?) is to India. the date is April 26nd-May 2nd

Now this would be an amazing trip y'all and I'd sign myself up for it but I can't leave the baby for a week because by then the baby will barely will be a year old.

To sign yourself up, or to poke around for more information click here