Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Too many decisions!!

This task seems impossible, finding the best style/ recources to match the needs of our little girls. Moira I can understand well. I know what she likes to do, and When I see books/recources that looks like it would interest her I can bookmark it, or take note of it. Not even worring about if Clara will get use out of that tool. but then I have to think about does it fit into our household, Such as the Montessori approach. That would suite Moira's personality very well, she loves to learn by exploring (as many kids do at this age) but the question with that lifestyle is do I have the patience to teach like that? There are times when it's easy. Earlier today I was working in the kitchen, clearing the table, and she then got the broom and dustpan and was "sweeping" the floor. That was easy because it didn't intefear with what I was doing, but what about when she wants to take part in the same activity as I am? I've been praying for patience.

After concidering if our household fits the life/learning style the next decision is does it fit in with our belief system? When looking at the Montessori methods of teaching, it seems like they are lacking when it comes to the arts. I've found another method much like that of Maria Montessori's that focuses a lot on play time and make believe for younger children. I would love for my girls to grow up with a healthy imagination. However the waldorf resources I was looking at all incude faries, and wizzards and gnomes. I'm not that opposed to make believe magic in moderation. However I don't want my girls to go overboard when it comes to those things.

That being said I know that as we are homeschooling our girls We get to call the shots when it comes to what toys, books, lessons we use. There is no cookie cutter that we have to follow, and I'm greatful for that. It's just nice to feel like I fit in to a category. I suppose I can just use the methods, and we can have our own selection of toys/learning tools. *sigh* There really are to many decisions to make. I wish DH would voice an opinion about this (and in a nice way)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Part two

I adore watching my oldest grow and learn everyday. However I am concerned about what things will be like when her little sister is born. Will that change things for the worse? or for the better? I hope that Moira doesn't feel like I've abandoned her when her sister is born. I'm sure after the adjustment period she'll be okay, I just know how close we are now, and I don't want to have my precious baby girl resent me for bringing another precious baby girl into the world, and our home/hearts. I'm hoping that they will be close growing up. They are already both so special to me. So far with the first two entries into this and I still haven't told you the entire reason I've started this record of our adventures. We are going to homeschool our children. it's just a matter of finding the style that suits our girls and us. We are christians and want to include religion in our home studies, as well as the respect that is found within the Montessori methods of teaching. I plan on using this page to record our journey.

The Early Days

I can't believe my oldest is getting ready to turn 2! Her birthday isn't untill the spring but still.. Every day that passes makes her another day older. Even through the rough days I know that when this stage has passed I'm going to miss it. I'm sure the stages to come will be great as well, but I love watching her explore the world arround her. She gets this look of awe in her eyes when she sees somthing new, like when we took her bowling the other day, she was in amazement that she could roll a ball that far and it would knock down pins. I guess that was concidered an educational experience for her.
I'll have to finish this later.. Lunchtime snuck up on me.