Friday, October 31, 2008

I Lub Eeeewwwww!

My kids are in the cutest stages right now, Clara is 6 months, and curious about the world around her, Normally when I go in the bathroom during the day the baby tub is dry so I plop Clara in there to keep her out of her sisters reach and give her a toy and she's good to go, well today she just wasn't content with her duck, she wanted the towel hanging next to her, or the foot stool, or anything/everything she could see.. Plus the whole learning to sit up thing.. aww I counted to 5 the other day before she toppled over..

And the 2 year old, Moira's learning more and more every day. She's getting to where she can express herself a whole lot better..  At least as long as I keep close tabs that she doesn't get any milk products, but that would be a whole other blog.. She's one of the most loving two year olds you could possibly meet, she always asks for at least 4 or 5 kisses before she goes to bed and lots of hugs and kisses during the day.. Today she was playing in the sink while I was making dinner and she kept turning around on the chair she was standing on, giving me hugs and saying "I luub eeeeewwww!" I don't care how much crap I have going on in my life that little voice saying that always makes my day better..

Fall2008 pt1 095 Fall2008 pt1 089

Thursday, October 23, 2008

6th picture

Okay so for lack of things to blog about I decided to play along with Military Mommy and look for my 6th picture, but because I'm organizing my pictures they're not in one folder, so I went to the folders that have and found the 6th picture in the ones that have a 6th picture, and in doing so I've learned that we have a thing for Cats

006 Moira 006 Fair Week 006

The first picture was taken at the zoo. The second was taken later that day at DHs grandparents house, Where my cat Noodle resides, the kitten happens to be one of Noodles babies. The third picture is of Moira at Wendy's enjoying her lunch of "Beans and Toes" otherwise known as chili and a baked potato

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Staging a Comeback

Yep that's right, While in my process of simplifying my life I realized that I had absolutely nothing for me, other than my occasional chats with the "sisters" but honestly is that enough?? DH just took off for up to a week by himself. granted he'll be home long enough to watch the little ladies while I'm at work, but he's still left.. and where does that leave me? In a messy 2 bedroom home with the kids and no one to talk to..

So Hello all you bloggy people out there.. I've seen a lot of you mentioning Jeff Dieselberg from NightLight Ministries in Bangkok Thailand, and the work that he and Annie do. It's amazing work, and truly of God.Well he was at our church yesterday. Honestly I'm not sure what I was the most impressed with: the work that they do, or how fired up and emotional the man was. It made me fired up and emotional, It makes me want to fight the good fight..