Sunday, January 18, 2009

Put Me On Hold

Well my dreams anyway, looks like Compassion has 800 applications already, and they aren't accepting anyone with less than 30,000 visits per month. Well I know that's not me so it looks like I'm on hold, oh well, it would have been bad timing anyway on my part, but then again when would be the best time to leave your babies for a week to go help other children half way across the world.

Someday.. I'll make it someday, and who knows what that day/trip will bring.. I've heard it said a lot lately "God is writing my story" so I guess that just makes me an actress along for the ride.. Who knows where my adventure will take me next. Apparently it won't be India

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Robin said...

If it's your dream to go on a missions trip, it will happen some day. I had that dream too. It came true last year with a trip to the Dominican Republic to work on a Mission of Mercy project. But I did have to wait until my kids were older. Don't let go of that dream!