Friday, October 31, 2008

I Lub Eeeewwwww!

My kids are in the cutest stages right now, Clara is 6 months, and curious about the world around her, Normally when I go in the bathroom during the day the baby tub is dry so I plop Clara in there to keep her out of her sisters reach and give her a toy and she's good to go, well today she just wasn't content with her duck, she wanted the towel hanging next to her, or the foot stool, or anything/everything she could see.. Plus the whole learning to sit up thing.. aww I counted to 5 the other day before she toppled over..

And the 2 year old, Moira's learning more and more every day. She's getting to where she can express herself a whole lot better..  At least as long as I keep close tabs that she doesn't get any milk products, but that would be a whole other blog.. She's one of the most loving two year olds you could possibly meet, she always asks for at least 4 or 5 kisses before she goes to bed and lots of hugs and kisses during the day.. Today she was playing in the sink while I was making dinner and she kept turning around on the chair she was standing on, giving me hugs and saying "I luub eeeeewwww!" I don't care how much crap I have going on in my life that little voice saying that always makes my day better..

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CarolinaMama said...

Cute blog - kiddos. :) Thanks for stopping by. Did you enter my Giveaways. :)