Thursday, October 23, 2008

6th picture

Okay so for lack of things to blog about I decided to play along with Military Mommy and look for my 6th picture, but because I'm organizing my pictures they're not in one folder, so I went to the folders that have and found the 6th picture in the ones that have a 6th picture, and in doing so I've learned that we have a thing for Cats

006 Moira 006 Fair Week 006

The first picture was taken at the zoo. The second was taken later that day at DHs grandparents house, Where my cat Noodle resides, the kitten happens to be one of Noodles babies. The third picture is of Moira at Wendy's enjoying her lunch of "Beans and Toes" otherwise known as chili and a baked potato

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Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by and playing.

Oh and Moira's hair is so cute!