Monday, October 20, 2008

Staging a Comeback

Yep that's right, While in my process of simplifying my life I realized that I had absolutely nothing for me, other than my occasional chats with the "sisters" but honestly is that enough?? DH just took off for up to a week by himself. granted he'll be home long enough to watch the little ladies while I'm at work, but he's still left.. and where does that leave me? In a messy 2 bedroom home with the kids and no one to talk to..

So Hello all you bloggy people out there.. I've seen a lot of you mentioning Jeff Dieselberg from NightLight Ministries in Bangkok Thailand, and the work that he and Annie do. It's amazing work, and truly of God.Well he was at our church yesterday. Honestly I'm not sure what I was the most impressed with: the work that they do, or how fired up and emotional the man was. It made me fired up and emotional, It makes me want to fight the good fight..

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