Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If You Give A Girl A Cookie

  Moira's projects 002

Yep my 2.5 year old did that, well she counted the chocolate chips, and then we talked about the parts of a mouse, and she then pasted the word that I handed her on the correct mouse part.

Disclosure: Yes I know that most homeschoolers discourage projects like this at such a young age, but know that she had fun doing it, and this kid loves to recite numbers, so focused counting was a good thing for her. and she did one activity a day, the first 2 days we worked on this we read The Best Mouse Cookie, which is the toddler version of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Today we read the "big kid" version of the story, and she insisted on wearing her Mouse Dress. Tomorrow we bake cookies

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Robin said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The apple pie was just a regular cookbook recipe. Nothing special, but it sure tastes good.

I wouldn't worry about what other homeschoolers or anyone for that matter thinks about what you do with your daughter. If she's having fun and learning, that's what matters!