Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beautiful Imperfections

After breakfast Noelle took her ladies to play at the park. On any other day she would find joy in watching Lady Fi dart around with the other ballerina faeries and surfer boys, but today it made her sad, she watched the different kids speak to her and she wondered "is this the one that's going to break my baby's heart? Will that one be the reason that my little faerie looses her wings? She knew how ridiculous those thoughts were, I mean, how many faerie's loose their wings before their third birthday?

While Fi played Noelle decided to keep busy and pace the boardwalk that ran next to the playground, if there was trouble with Fi she could hop the fence in seconds. there were lots of things  to see along the boardwalk people from all walks of life enjoyed spending their time there. You had the merchants, most of which were as shady as the  cheap sunglasses they were selling, then you had the artists, who struggle through life, from one painting and adventure to the next. Then off to the side leaned up against that was a suit a business man from across town, but what was that at his feet? a tiara, not unlike the ones that Noelle and Scarlet would wear when they danced under the stars all those years ago, in a flash the suit was gone and Noelle darted over to pick up the crown,as soon as she picked it up she saw the flaws, it was crooked, probably cast aside by a child, who didn't have a use for a less than perfect tiara. Which made it all the more perfect for Noelle

Noelle heard Fi calling for her, and started to make her way back over to her, and on the way she made up her mind. She was going to try to focus on the energy radiating from Lady Fi, and this tiara and she was going to dance, so with the baby Lady Rey tied to her waist they danced, Noelle felt stiff and unnatural, but her desire for the happy feelings hurt so bad she was willing to do whatever it would take to get that back. First Noelle tried the tiara, but it didn't do anything except scratch her head, then she tried to put it on princess Fi, who truly did look like a princess in it, but seeing that didn't do anything for Noelle other than make her feel even more stiff. People were starting to gather, Noelle didn't see their faces, she had no way to know that they were smiling, she could only feel their eyes on her, the eyes of judgement. She decided to pack up the kids, and head home, for the morning anyway.

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