Friday, February 6, 2009

Noelle and the Ballerina Faerie Lady

Noelle was beginning to miss the whimsical days, the days that she and Scarlet would dance beneath the stars, catching the silver glitter in their hair, and on their shoulders. Twirling, spinning, laughing, as carefree as two young women in love with life, because after all, that's what they were.

And just like that she awoke from her dream with a start. Noelle looked around, there was no one to be seen,other than her baby faerie princess sleeping ever so sweetly making those noises that only baby faerie princess could make. The man that she had married had taken off, off to who knows where, the bar, or maybe it he just decided to get lost in the desert for a while, or maybe he was at the casino, where he could find his own version of glitter and whimsy. One thing was certain he was rarely the one place he always claimed to be. Work, or at least, Noelle and the fairy princesses never saw much proof of it. Speaking of the fairy princesses the oldest one came dashing into her mommy's bedroom, stark naked as usual, shrieking about wanting something, milk, juice, cereal, cookies, the usual.

"Lady Fi, stop jumping around and tell Momma what you want"

"I want sssheeeeeeaaaareallll" Fiona sang in her two year old voice, Noelle loved both of her babies with a fierceness that ran deeper than the canyons that she and Scarlet used to have their picnics at all those years before. Despite that fierceness she still wished that the singing could wait until she had been up at least an hour.

"PleeEeEEEeeasE Mumma!"

Noelle looked at her "of course my ballerina faerie baby," and together they danced their way into another day.

***copyright Feb 2009 Mommy Mary***