Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting my frugal on.

So things are a'changin' around here, that is for sure. for one.. I am about to be a single mommy here real quick. Lets just say how glad I am to be picking up more hours at the bakery, idk what I'm going to do when our manager comes back from her honeymoon (71years old and getting married? Rock On!) Anyways that being the biggest change in my life, that puts me in a not so pleasant place financially so when I saw this I had to jump on board, granted I have to do way more than that now, however this is a great starting point, and it forces you to think ahead (what do I need to do so I don't spend any money Monday -Wednesday) That's the goal anyway.. Plus hey it give me something positive and blogworthy pluses all around.

Speaking of being frugal..

        .....Did Y'all go to Denny's yet for your free grandslam? They're giving them away until 2pm, due to milk allergies we won't be attending, but I'm thinking good thoughts for y'all that are braving the crowds for a free meal

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