Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Tuesday Already??

Is it just me or does time go faster everyday? I thought time flew in high school, and after high school, Then Moira was born, and now that Clara's here time is going so fast. If the world doesn't slow down I'm going to fall off!! Okay maybe not.. I was sure I just gave birth to Clara yesterday but she's teething already! Wait let me step back and do the math, oh yeah, "yesterday" was three months ago.

I wrote about dh's cakes yesterday.. well sometime in August I have 2 more to do. Can't give away too much info, just incase the soon to be birthday lady stumbles upon this humble blog. But I'll totally post pictures when they become available. But for now I give you the birthday boy, and his wonderful (sometimes modest) wife, and the two best little girls in the world. Oh yeah and one shamrock cake.

 Moira 021Moira 018

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Linney Shvede said...

thanks for visiting my blog..your cake looks like it has way more "love" than mine! very cute!