Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shots and Blood Draws

Today was stressful enough to say the least. We're spreading out Clara's shots, and trying to follow the recommendation of Doctor Sears. The girls' insurance is rather limiting however so all we can do is spread out the shots and combo shots. And decline them of course, but what is the good of declining a shot when it creeps up two months later in a combo.

As if my mind wasn't swirling around enough information, add a two year old with diarrhea, and the voice in my head that says "she's allergic to gluten" I've been putting off asking for a test for months, wondering "how I could possibly know it's gluten?" and thinking "her insurance won't pay for that!" Thankfully they are going to pay for it. YAY!

So I show up at our local hospital weighing the pros of our loving our pediatrician and the cons of hating the local hospital. Dh went into the back room with Moira when they called her back. It must have been 15 mins later they call for some butterfly needles because they don't have any, then awhile after they get those they call me up to the front and tell me that they canceled it and we have to come back once her arm heals because they couldn't get any blood today. We're guessing that they went through the vein on my two year old! The girl up front said that they could call someone down from the peds floor next time..NEXT TIME?? where were they this time?? **sighs** the stool culture is in now, and I guess we'll go next week and demand for someone from peds.

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