Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Time's fun when you're having flies

Today it's really hit, Clara will be 3 months old in just 2 days. It seems like just yesterday I was waking DH up saying "I think my water just broke!" Today Clara can hold her head up high, she follows our fingers with her eyes, she has the BEST grins! I'm having a really hard time about backing off and letting Moira play with her baby sister a little. I'm trying to work on going off of Clara's cues. Today they were playing so good. Moira was telling her stories, and holding her hands "dancing" with her. I could see her doing what we did with her/do with Clara. And when she started clapping babys hands and cheering it got the best laugh out of Clara that I've heard yet! I was so glad that I got to share in their moment. There is something truely amazing about seeing two babies that you brought into this world playing and enjoying it together.

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